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INFINI Skin Booster Rejuvenation

INFINI Skin Booster Rejuvenation

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INFINI Skin Booster with one of our expert Aestheticians. 

What is INFINI?

NFINI laboratories have developed an innovative biorevitalising skin booster which actively promotes revitalisation and rejuvenation.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the use of uniquely stabilised hyaluronic acid chains, which not only ensures immediate rejuvenation an hydration of the skin, but also visible improvement in tension and density.

Aquabooster restores natural volume and creates a smoothing effect by using high concentrations of soft cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a slow metabolic process.

INFINI Aquabooster’s unique formulation of high concentration hyaluronic acid ensures in-depth reconstruction of the skin structure and visible effects after just one treatment.

Why Empire?

Enjoy a appointment in our 5 star facility based in Speke, Liverpool.

Here at Empire, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible service, equipment and products for your treatments. Book with peace of mind, knowing you will be well looked after during your treatments.

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